I was born into a family of artists and ad men, surrounded by markers, paint brushes and colored pencils. Both my grandmother and mother were painters and I loved watching them pull pictures out of a blank canvas or how, with the placement of one magical line, a jumble of shapes could transform into a coherent image. When I was 5 I started cutting apart wrapping paper and magazines and would spend hours glueing the pieces onto index cards. Though I didn't have the language to define it, I had started making collages. 

In college and grad school I studied graphic design, drawing, biology, poetry, art history, animation and medical illustration, following the path my muse lead me. I became a freelance illustrator, and my work has appeared in national ad campaigns, major newspapers and magazines, and as movie, theater and music posters. My design work has included logos, book covers, websites and collateral marketing material. I have worked for businesses large and small, ad agencies, museums, publishers and associations. Recently, I animated children's book illustrations for use in read-to-me apps.

As a creative director at a publishing company, I designed consistently top-selling photo albums, journals and scrapbooks for Target, Costco and other retail chains. I helped select artwork at Printsource and Surtex, did trend research and targeted licensed artists for use across stationery and scrapbooking product lines.

I have lectured at colleges, participated in Graphic Artist Guild panel discussions and have been interviewed for newspaper articles and blogs about design and illustration. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching Photoshop at Chicago's Lillstreet Art Center.

When working with clients I open a dialogue about their objectives and listen to their needs. I enjoy the process of problem solving and always try to first— make "it" smart, and then— make 'it' pretty. I work within budgets and always meet deadlines.

My artwork has been shown in galleries and has won awards in national art competitions. My commercial work has been recognized by Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual, Strathmore Graphics Gallery, The Best in Medical Advertising and Graphics and by the Association of Medical Illustrators. 

My clients have included: The New York Times, The American Medical Association, The American Dental Association, The National Association of Realtors, Abbott Laboratories, The Field Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry, Sourcebooks, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Bloomberg, Fortune, Playboy, Blab!, The Chicago Tribune, Reader's Digest, Scholastic Books,  Ruff Records, Jaguar, New York Life Insurance, American Airlines and Columbia/Sony Pictures.